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Theory of Realities for School Leaders

About the course

This need-driven short-term course aims at orienting school leaders with the changing realities of educational settings in the context of Nepal and beyond. As a school leader, it appears to be the need of the hour to rethink and reconceptualize shifting issues and paradigms in educational/school leadership. In the meantime, it is observed that there is a discrepancy between leaders’ perspectives and practices, possibly being guided by conventional leadership approaches.

Effective leadership matters much to driving an improvement of a school by nurturing and enhancing educational values and experiences. To this, a leader’s understanding and insights on crucial aspects of leadership appear to be significant in managing change at school. This course incorporates underlying issues of school leadership such as developing vision, decision-making, team building, maintaining transparency and accountability, planning for sustainability, promoting systemic thinking, developing and managing resources, assessment leadership and so on to meet the growing demands of school leaders and aspirations of stakeholders, thereby transforming school into a meaningful and collegial learning space. To this end, a leader's critical consciousness through a shared vision on the pertinent issues of school leadership contributes to reaching the goals of the school by ensuring sustainability.      

Objectives of the course Modules
Overarching Objective:

This course aims to nurture and enhance school leaders' educational experiences by orienting them with need-driven issues and trends of educational leadership.

Specific Objectives:
  1. To introduce the fundamentals/basics of educational/ school leadership.
  2. To orient school leaders to the key elements of educational/ school leadership.
  3. To facilitate to have a contextual understanding of educational/ school leadership.
  4. To introduce the critical aspects of educational/ school leadership (Encourage to transcend the boundaries)

Module 1 :  Fundamentals/ Basics of educational/ school leadership

Module 2: Key elements of educational/ school leadership

Module 3: Contextual understanding of educational/school leadership

Module 4: Transcending the contextual boundaries for meaningful educational/ school leadership (Critical educational/ school leadership).


Target audience

School leaders (principals/headteachers and teachers (Middle-level leaders) and future leaders