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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

It is said that anyone who misses Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development (EE/ESD) today will be a blind individual tomorrow in thought and actions! This course will enable participants to understand the basic elements of the environment that sustains all life forms on this planet, the overwhelming exploitation of the resources threatening the very support system with the crossing of planetary boundaries, and lastly, gearing our energy towards conserving and restoring them. This course is based on Chapter 36 of Agenda 21 drafted in the Rio Summit in 1992, which recognised (EE/ESD) as the only tool to answer all the questions humanity is facing today.  This course will thus take the participants from understanding to action-taking on the environment and its associated issues. 

Objectives of the course Modules
  • Understanding of the environment and its associated issues.
  • Receiving first hand knowledge on the reasons for the emergence of education, and EE/ESD.
  • Developing action plans for restoring and conserving our environment.
  • Practicing earth-friendly lifestyle in harmony with mother nature, at home and in workplace.  

Module 1: Transformative education through ESD lens

Module 2: SDGs to young scholars

Module 3: History of education and emergence of EE/ESD

Module4: climate change and climate crisis.

Module 5: Integration of EE/ESD in education/daily life

Module 6: Development and implementation of EE/ESD project in participants' workplace.

Module 7: Evaluation of the EE/ESD projects 


Target audience

  • Teachers from any background and level
  • School/college Principals
  • NGO workers, esp. in the field of education, agriculture, and health.
  • Teacher Educators
  • Anyone interested in environment and development impacts on the environment.