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STEAM for Science Teaching

About the course

This course is designed to help science teachers get acquainted with STEAM Education. In this course, you will explore the conceptualization of different dimensions of STEAM Education. The main aim of the course is to offer you theoretical knowledge blending with practical knowledge regarding STEAM Education. During the course, you will be allowed to explore your personal-professional experiences related to different life roles, such as students, teachers, teacher educators, and researchers, to relate them with STEAM Education. Your experiences will be considered as valuable assets for enriching your knowledge. In this regard, your journey through the course will pass through four different modules from which you can explore local and global practices in STEAM curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Finally, the course will encourage and empower you to implement STEAM Education in your schools.

Objectives of the course Modules
  • Introduce the basic concept of STEAM education and relate it to their practices
  • Enrich knowledge and skill of project-based learning pedagogy by designing and implementing STEAM-based projects in science.
  • Enable them to integrate art-based activities in science teaching and learning.
  • Utilize inquiry-based learning as a pedagogy of teaching science through designing and implementing related teaching activities.
  • Demonstrate conceptual clarity of innovative lesson planning, its importance, and consideration of designing innovative lesson plans. 
  • Design and implement innovative lesson plans (5E, 7E, 3CR, etc.) in relation to the science contents of the school curriculum.
  • Introduce the concept of design thinking
  • Design and implement projects based on a design thinking approach.
  • Give concepts of different purposes of assessment
  • Examine their assessment practices from the lens of assessment of learning (AoL), Assessment for learning (AfL), and Assessment as learning (AaL)
Module 1:

Introduction to STEAM Education

Module 2:

Innovative pedagogies in STEAM Education with relation to Science teaching.

Module 3:

Innovative lesson planning and implementation

Module 4:

Design thinking

Module 5:

Assessment in STEAM Education


Target audience

The audience of this course is science teachers who are teaching or are supposed to teach science subjects at different levels of school education. Moreover, educators and policymakers who are working in the field of science education are also the target audience of this course.