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STEAM-based Pedagogy in Schools

About the course
This course aims to deliver conceptual knowledge and skills STEAM-Based Pedagogies along with their practical application in classroom teaching and learning. It promotes transformative learning fostering the creativity of the learner/trainee at the center of designing STEAM pedagogies, empowering them to find their own way to engage themselves and solve real-world problems. This course also focuses on pedagogical strategies through inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, art-based learning, and ICT-integrated learning and the development of teaching resources/materials enhancing  21st-century skills among the learners. The entire course will be delivered in a learner-centered approach ensuring the active participation of every learner/trainee. Ultimately, it empowers learners/trainees with constructivist and experiential learning approaches addressing their learning styles, resulting in their holistic development. 

Objectives of the course Modules

At the end of the course learners will be able to

  • Develop the critical concept of Conventional and Progressive approaches to learning 
  • Develop the idea of STEAM Pedagogical practices
  • Design innovative lesson plans and projects based on STEAM Pedagogy
  • Implement Arts Based Pedagogy
  • Use ICT tools in daily teaching
  • Foster 21st-century skills among the students


Module 1: 
Theory and Practices of STEAM Pedagogy
Module 2: Inquiry-Based Learning and Project Based Learning
Module 3: Art-Based Pedagogy
Module 4: ICT Integrated Pedagogy
Module 5: Practicum

Target audience
The target audience of this course includes school teachers, academic coordinators, principals, educators, facilitators, pedagogue, teacher trainers, and each and everyone involved in school education.