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Collaborative Learning Environment Center (CLEC)


Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) collaborates with Digital Bridges for Nepal (DB4N) as a research partner from April 2, 2022 to connect the classrooms with communities through Collaborative Learning Environment Center (CLEC).  This project is funded by DB4N with the objectives to create an environment that promotes teamwork, creativity, problem solving and project achievements using computer based tools and peer learning. DB4N has already installed CLEC in six different schools across Nepal and KUSOED is one of them. 

Project Description:  KUSOED collaborates with DB4N with the following objectives and activities.

1. To use the CLEC as a collaborative space for blended learning within the KU School of Education.

Following Modus Operandi (MO) developed by DB4N, CLEC at KUSOED encourages group based learning, peer coaching and creates a specific classroom design to maximize a collaborative environment where students are engaged in a deliberate proactive way, and teachers are “co-incepting” with their students. It has been using CLEC for blended teaching/learning and plan for modular trainings to capacitate school teachers and head teachers for digital skill. KUSOED understands that CLEC is a tool to strengthen communities through education, and it impacts the community by and large.

2. To explore the impact of CLEC in remote areas of Nepal through research leading to a journal article publication.

KUSOED has designed qualitative and quantitative research to explore the impact of CLEC in remote areas of Nepal. With the responsibility of research, KUSOED has scheduled Baseline survey, Impact survey, Focus Group Discussion, Case Study, Action Research and so on. After the data collection, analysis and report writing, KUSOED will develop articles that will be published in a peer reviewed journal.

3. To build programs that connect KUSOED as an important resource for future teachings in remote areas.

KUSOED will expand its graduate study programs and short term teacher/ head teacher training programs to remote communities considering CLEC as a learning hub for students in blended learning mode.

4. To co-incept with DB4N in developing short course for teachers.

KUSOED will co-incept with DB4N in developing short course for CLEC teachers about CLEC Approach in teaching and learning. The content of course will be based on need assessment with the teachers. This course will enhance knowledge and skills of teachers to integrate collaborative digital tools and CLEC approach for collaborative learning environment.

Photo: Collaborative Learning at CLEC of KUSOED, Hattiban, Lalitpur

Photo: Peer to Peer Learning at CLEC of Shree Janahit School, Jomsom, Mustang