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Office of Student Welfare

At the School of Education, Kathmandu University, the Office of Student Welfare (OSW) coordinates students' academic and other activities for professional development under the leadership of Associate Prof. Tikaram Poudel, PhD. The office of SW is a non-political body that represents educational activities and coordinates programs for the welfare of the students. It also assists international students in integrating into the University system and Nepali society. It also organizes classes on Nepali culture and Nepali language classes for international students on demand.

The School of Education is a premium institution in higher education in the country. The School has been a choice for students from home and abroad for their academic excellence. The glorious academic achievement of the School during the COVID-19 pandemic made the School one of the most sought academic institutes in the region. The introduction of new academic programs attracted more national and international students. The number of international scholars has been increasing in recent years. In a new cultural set-up, many students face problems like visa extension, conducting field research, and accommodation. Catering to international students increases our international visibility and sends a positive message to the international academic community. Ultimately it enables us to impact global ranking as it functions under the Student Welfare Directorate of Kathmandu University and under the guidance of the Dean. Primarily, it addresses the issues of students enrolled at the School of Education. 


  • Organizes seminars/ webinars and talk programs inviting imminent scholars from Nepal and abroad;

  • Organizes workshops on contemporary issues;

  • Encourages students to disseminate their research through seminars/ webinars/ conferences and  publications;

  • Facilitates students in integrating into the University system;

  • Organizes programs to integrate into Nepali society for international students;

  • Coordinates student exchange programs with international institutes.

The formalization of the Student Welfare Council at the School of Education is justifiable. The formalization of the Council authorizes it to act independently to minimize students' problems. Addressing the issues of students, particularly international ones, creates a positive image of the School and the University in the international academic community. This positive image encourages the School and the University to get higher ranks in the global ranking.  

Associate Prof. Tikaram Poudel, PhD
Coordinator, the Office of SW
School of Education, Kathmandu University