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Message from the Dean

On behalf of faculty, students and staff, I thank you for your interest in the Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED).

It is now more apparent than ever that universities, schools, and communities need to understand and facilitate change in favor of meaning-centered, authentic, and inclusive educational systems, processes, and outcomes.

Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) has been working with communities since its inception 24 years ago. For us, communities are key sites for the demonstration of change for quality education for leadership, the mission that facilitated the establishment of Kathmandu University 3 decades ago.

Our faculty and students are committed to working towards accomplishing the mission of the university through their engagement in research and learning. Our academic programs emphasize research that is driven by students' informed choice through a pool of multiple epistemological traditions arising from local and global practices.

Likewise, we strive to promote change-seeking participatory pedagogies (experiential, reflective, critical) that enable faculty and students to reflect, critique, and envision their praxis as educational change agents.

Our rapidly evolving expertise in remote teaching has been demonstrated by the continuity of our educational activities during the pandemic. We aspire to grow more into blended pedagogy to help faculty and students maximize their learning with ICT tools apt for participatory pedagogical spaces.

At KUSOED, we strive to develop our academic programs to demonstrate a unique blend of needs expressed by the community and futuristic orientation offered by local, regional, and international instruments and frameworks and the ongoing research of the scholarly communities.

Our teaching and research programs on Sustainable Development, Technical and Vocational Education, STEAM Education, Educational Leadership, Language Education, etc., are responding to the timely need for the mission of KUSOED - transforming society through educational excellence - built on the collective experience of faculty and students committed to improving their workplaces, communities and beyond.

In addition to our ongoing collaborations with universities, research organizations, and funding agencies of international repute, we plan to offer a fee waiver scheme for a few meritorious and needy international students undertaking their MPhil and Ph.D. studies at KUSOED. Although the admission call will be published in December every year, students seeking advice about their studies may contact relevant professors in advance. You may find their profiles from our website,

Despite some of these accomplishments, we are humble at the core, for our growth and excellence are driven by the ethos of lifelong learning. We dearly welcome your comments and suggestions on our ongoing activities in person and/or by writing to

Professor Bal Chandra Luitel, PhD