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Admission Committee

The admission committee at KUSOED is an essential entity that is accountable for selecting the most competent and appropriate candidates for the diverse academic programs offered by the school. The admission committee ensures that the admission process is equitable, transparent, and rigorous, and that the applicants satisfy the eligibility and quality criteria of the programs. The admission committee also participates in the development and enhancement of the admission standards and guidelines, as well as the preparation and administration of the written examination and interview questions. The admission committee comprises the coordinator, the members, and the member secretary, each with their specific roles and responsibilities.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of the admission committee are:

  • To devise and amend the admission policy and procedures for the different programs and levels of study.

  • To establish and implement the eligibility criteria and selection standards for the applicants based on their academic qualifications, research proposals, and performance in the written examination and interview.

  • To design and conduct the written examination and interview process for the applicants in collaboration with the subject experts and evaluators.

  • To assess and grade the applicants’ documents, proposals, examination answers, and interview responses, and provide feedback and recommendations (on matters of eligibility among others) to the faculty board and beyond.

  • To approve the final list of selected candidates and communicate the results to the applicants and the relevant authorities.

  • To manage the applications and inquiries of the applicants and ensure that they meet the submission and documentation requirements.

  • To organize and document the meetings, examination, and interview sessions of the committee and maintain the database and files of the applicants and the selected candidates.

  • To coordinate with the faculty, students, and external stakeholders to ensure the quality and transparency of the admission process and address the issues and challenges faced by the committee.

  • To liaise with the academic leaders and supervisors of the different programs and departments to ensure the relevance and alignment of the admission criteria and procedures with the curriculum and pedagogy.

  • To report and evaluate the admission process and outcomes and suggest areas for improvement and innovation for the next cycle.

Here is a list of admission committees for selecting Bachelor, PostGraduate Diploma, Master, MPhil and PhD students:


Dr. Bal Chandra Luitel, Dean


Associate Deans

  • Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhattarai
  • Dr. Hem Raj Kafle

Head of Departments 

  • Dr. Tikaram Poudel
  • Dr. Shesha Kanta Pangeni, 
  • Dr. Suresh Gautam
  • Mr. Binod Prasad Pant, 


  • Dr. Rebat Dhakal - RIC
  • Dr. Parbati Dhungana Poudel - CPEC
  • Dr. Siddhartha Dhungana - WCC
  • Mr. Netra Manandhar - B Tech Ed 
  • Mr. Niroj Dahal - Library

Faculty Representative

  • Mr. Indra Mani Shrestha


  • Mr. Shiva Nath Mainali - School Manager
  • Mr. Suman Acharya - Exam, Admission and Equivalence Officer
  • Mr. Bibek Bhandari - IT Person