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Admission Open for Bachelor, PGDE and Master Programs 2024 August Batch


    • Duration for the Admission Call: 31 May – 3rd July 2024
    • Application Submission Deadline: 3rd July 2024
    • Written Entrance Date: 4 July 2024
    • Interview Date: 5-9 July 2024
    • Admission Timeline: 12 - 22 July 2024
    • Enrichment Sessions: 24 July – 6 August  2024
    • Academic Session Begins: 7 August 2024

All  Admission processes will be conducted online.
All classes will be conducted online and in blended modes
10% of seats are reserved for International Students.
10% of seats are reserved for students under the inclusion category. 

KUSOED provides support for field-based activities and Scholarships through UGC's formula funding scheme! Likewise, deserving candidates may also get the opportunity to work as research assistants. 

Students waiting for their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree results can also apply

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