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STEAM Pedagogy for Mathematics Teachers

About the Course:
This course is designed to help mathematics teachers get acquainted with STEAM Education. In this course, you will explore the conceptualization of different dimensions of STEAM Education. The main aim of the course is to offer you theoretical knowledge blended with practical knowledge regarding STEAM Education. During the course, you will be allowed to explore your personal-professional experiences related to different life roles, such as students, teachers, teacher educators, and researchers, to relate them with STEAM Education. Your experiences will be considered valuable assets for enriching your knowledge. In this regard, your journey through the course will pass through four different modules from which you can explore local and global practices in STEAM curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. Finally, the course will encourage and empower you to implement STEAM Education in your schools.



  • To learn the use of innovative STEAM Pedagogies
  • To develop clear conceptual clarity on the lesson plan, its importance, design, and things to be considered while designing the STEAM lesson plans.
  • To Implement STEAM lesson plans and sharing
  • To use design thinking as STEAM pedagogy
  • To know and practice different assessment practices in STEAM pedagogy.


  • Module-I: Innovative STEAM Practices
  • Module II: Designing STEAM Lesson Plans
  • Module-III: Design Thinking as a STEAM Pedagogy
  • Module-IV: Innovative Assessment Practices


Target Audience:
The target audience of this course includes mathematics teachers working in K-12 Education around the world, particularly from developing countries, who serve as a teacher in mathematics-related fields or want to serve in it.