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About the course 

The early stage (0-7) of any child is considered the most crucial stage as it impacts their overall development and the adult they will become. Hence, from a very early age, it is necessary to work on the holistic development of children. It is said,“it takes a whole village to raise a child”. This statement turns out to be true as different stakeholders like curriculum developers, trainers, educators, teachers, and parents have different roles to play in the holistic development of the children. Amongst them, ECD teachers play an important role in the holistic development of children from the foundational level.

Hence, this training package has been developed for the professional development of ECD teachers where teachers will be well aware of the stages of children’s development, integrated approach, and classroom management, familiarizing them with different innovative pedagogies, and finally different ways of assessing the children's learning outcome.

Objectives of the course Modules
  • Develop an understanding of child psychology, developmental milestones and skills for effective classroom management.
  • Gain the concept of an integrated approach and develop lesson plans based on it.
  • Build knowledge of different innovative pedagogies, and phonic sounds and implement them in classroom practices.
  • Learn different types of assessment and apply in their practice.
Module 1: Child Development and Classroom Management
Module 2: Integrated Learning through Innovative Pedagogy (STEAM approach)
Module 3: Phonics
Module 4: Assessment System and Internship

Target audience

This program is designed for Preschool leaders, coordinators, teachers, asst. teachers, and parents who are involved or willing to be involved in creating and developing a holistic learning environment for children in school or at home. This course will also help freshers who are interested in joining the teaching profession.