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Study Procedures

Visa Process for International Students willing to study at Kathmandu University 

  • Meet all study requirements

International Students who are willing to study at Kathmandu University should meet all requirements according to the criteria of Kathmandu University.

PhD includes 17 years of formal education and a minimum of 50% score in aggregate or CGPA 3 out of 4 in the last degree in related fields.

The last degree refers to MPhil or Master’s degree or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized institution with a minimum of 50 % score in aggregate or CGPA 3.0 out of 4.

  • Submission of Application Form

The candidate should submit an application form with the attached certificates and the transcript from the school level to the last degree in related fields.

  • Written Exam and Interview

After meeting all requirements candidate should attend both exam and interview. It is one of the selection processes of Kathmandu University. The exam consists of basic questions of related programs where you want to enroll and the Interview is the second process after the exam which helps to explore more about you.

  • Short List

Competent candidates are selected after the process of written exams and interviews.

  • PhD Concept Note Presentation

Research proposal presentation by the prospective PhD students

  • Entrance Pass Letter from Kathmandu University
  • Tourist Visa
  • Admission
  • Apply for Student Visa after admission
  • Registration receipt from the University
  • Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee includes $3000 for one year and $1500 for six months.

  • No objection letter from the concerned country
  • Photocopy of the passport/ visa stamped copy of the passport.


Kathmandu University provides hostel or dorm facilities in its Dhulikhel Campus to both local and international students. While living in hostels you can expect to share a room with a roommate or can opt for an individual room. As for meals, you are provided with meal packages that you can choose from. On-campus accommodations with meal packages will cost you around Nrs, 15,000 per student per month (which is around 120 USD per month). The university provides hostels to the students (both boys and girls). International students are provided single accommodation at the guest house within the university premises.

As far as accommodation in the Hattiban area is concerned, private properties can be contacted and rented out. You can rent a single room on your own which might cost you from 50 USD to 130 USD per month. You can also rent a two-bedroom to three-bedroom flat or apartment and share it with a roommate which might cost you around 150 to 200 USD. You can co-live with your friends on the flats which will cost you significantly lower. Plus, you will also have a roommate and a friend.

  • Fee Structure of PhD and MPhil for international students at Kathmandu University

The fee structure for international students for PhD and MPhil depends on the department and their different programs. According to the fiscal year 2078/079 (August 2021 and February 2022 batch), students from SAARC countries need to bare 1.5 times more than the normal fee structure and students from other nations should bare double than normal fee structure of KUSOED. The existing fee structure can be found in the given link. 

  • Research Fellowship Scheme

Kathmandu University (KU) launches a new initiative through which its Associate Professors and Professors are allowed to recruit Research Fellows at Master by Research, M.Phil. And PhD levels at their respective Schools under fee waiver scheme. This scheme strengthens research and increase more opportunities for quality researches. This scheme will open doors to a large number of graduate students aspiring for higher studies opportunities in KU.

  •  Procedure to apply for Research Fellowship

If you like to apply for the scholarship scheme at KUSOED you just need to apply research fellowship scheme by attaching a cover letter in the application form.

  • The application process for PhD/MPhil Studies

• Digital copies of all your education certificates of school level and above
• The digital copy of your citizenship certificate
• In the case of non-Nepali applicants, the personal identification page(s) of a valid passport
• The digital copy of your recent passport size color photograph
• Collect all the information required to fill up the fields included in the Sample Application Form
• The digital copy of the bank voucher or the online payment transfer slip of NPR 1000 for 
an application fee needs to be deposited to Kathmandu University.


Account Name

KU-School of Education


Nepal Investment Bank Ltd

Account Number




Swift Code


Students can also deposit their tuition fees in any following bank account. 

Bank Account No Branch Swift code

Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd

2001524044147071 Banepa MBLNNPKA
Nabil Bank Ltd

01100 1095 5102


Nepal Bank Ltd.



Siddhartha Bank Ltd. 01815116234




Please note that the payment should be made in the name of the KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY

The payment could be made online either through Connect IPS or through any other online transfer system. In case of an online transfer of the application fee, the transfer slip or snapshot of the payment should be included with the application. More information on online payment through Connect IPS is also available here
In the case of international students, they need to transfer USD 10 to a bank account in Nepal Investment Bank Limited (account no. 00501030255578, swift code NIBLNPKT)

Study Visa

A study visa is issued to foreign students pursuing academic /non-academic degrees and research in Nepal. It is issued by the Department of Immigration upon the recommendation of a line agency (Ministry of Education). It is also issued to teachers/professors involved in academic work (teaching) in Nepal upon recommendations from the concerned agencies of the Nepal Government. It is issued for a maximum of one year as per the recommendation or length of study. Necessary Documents• Recommendation letter from Ministry of Education
• University /College Admission Receipt (original)
• Bank Statement (latest one week) with sufficient funds.
• Online Application form (
• Copies of passport and latest Nepali Visa
• Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate ( for those applying their spouse and children as dependents)
• Progress report Card (for renewal of Student Visa) 
For Researcher applying for a student visa, the following additional documents should also be produced;• Offer/Appointment letter from Academic Institution of Nepal (eg -University)
• General Agreement between two Academic Institutions (of Nepal and abroad) 
Link: (

Visa fee

Single Re-entry facility: 20 USD extra in addition to monthly Visa Fee
Multiple Re-entry facility: 60 USD extra in addition to monthly Visa Fee

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