Program Details

Master in Indigenous Education and Development (One Year Program)

One year master program on Indigenous Education and Development Program at Kathmandu University, School of Education has been the outcome of the series of efforts and discussions on the values and contributions of the Indigenous knowledge and local practices on the ways of knowing and believing the disrupted continuum of nature and culture. Thus, this course aims at exploring local ways out to solve the global problems such as customary laws, traditional governance, and sustainable management of natural resources, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Considering the present formal and informal education heavily influenced by the modern education systems which ruptured the wisdom heritage in Nepal and beyond. This course aims at resurrecting the traditional heritages of different geographical, cultural, linguistics, and spiritual, spares of human and nonhuman spices in the motherly planet of earth. 

A master in Indigenous education and development is important in four major areas:

a) Promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity,

b) researching and advocating decolonizing knowledge,

c) enhancing critical thinking skills and

d) Fostering intercultural competencies of the students.

This course aims at developing understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and help to build more inclusive and equitable societies. The course contributes to developing the horizon of thinking and perspectives while dealing with climate change and environmental concerns from the holistic views of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities on the ground. 

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