Program Details

Bridge Course for M Ed in Mathematics Education


  • Name, nature and focus of the program  

This document highlights the key features of the “Bridge Course for M Ed in Mathematics Education (6-month)” program, to be launched in August 2023 at the School of Education. The program focuses on developing fundamental mathematical competencies required for (i) M Ed in Mathematics Education, and (ii) teaching mathematics in the school level.


  • Context and rationale  

The bridge course is designed for students who have done Bachelor's Degree in any discipline and are eager to study mathematics-related courses to pursue a teaching profession in mathematics. To fulfil the needs of mathematics teachers in the nation, this program will bridge the academic contents of mathematics and students’ dream to become mathematics teachers. The following are the major purposes of this program:

  • Prepare students who can join the Master of Education in Mathematics Education
  • Provide theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of mathematics to students who want to be teachers professionals to teach school level mathematics
  • Prepare students who can choose future careers in mathematics-related fields
  • Fulfill the nation’s need for mathematics teachers at the school level.
  • Provide the contents of mathematics applicable to teaching mathematics
  • Provide knowledge and skills for problem-solving and applying mathematics in the real-world situations
  • Program learning outcomes

The programme has the following objectives:

(i) develop the basic mathematical knowledge and skills of higher secondary and bachelor level

(ii) implement these mathematical knowledge and skills in practical fields

  • Graduate attributes envisioned

The following are the graduate attributes envisioned:

  • Mathematics Teacher Professionals at the school level
  • Students can join the Master of Education in Mathematics Education offered by Kathmandu University School of Education and other universities (if applicable)
  • Students can choose other mathematics-related fields (Education, Finance, Data Science, etc.)

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