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Message from Associate Dean-Academic Affairs

I, as an Academic Associate Dean, would like to welcome you to the School of Education,
Kathmandu University. We, the members of KUSOED believe in co-existence, co-leading, and co-
creation and our beliefs have always manifested in our efforts. Our enthusiasm, rigor and
determination has been directed towards creating an academic environment that prepares
competent professionals who can provide high-quality, up-to-date, and relevant education and
educational leadership in tertiary, secondary, and basic levels of education in Nepal.
Simultaneously, the school’s focus has been on developing individuals who are embedded
in the norms of humanity, indigeneity, and sustainability, and display their willingness and
practice to transform the world around them.
The School of Education has been leaving its footsteps in the areas of quality teaching,
training of teachers, policy analysis, and research. These footsteps have formed a milestone in
the arena of education. And the school realizes the consistency that is to be given to its efforts.
In this connection, my focus will be on improving policy and leadership, pedagogy, students’
assessment and evaluation, human resource development, and financial sustainability of the
school. In this journey, I am expecting support, cooperation, and collaboration from national
and international organizations which have a similar interest to transform society through
Dhanapati Subedi, PhD
Associate Dean- Academic Affairs