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Department of STEAM Education align M.Ed. Mathematics Education, existing MPhil Mathematics Education and the proposed MPhil STEAM Education. STEAM Department was established in 2019. STEAM department was established with the aim to develop and launch academic program in the areas of Mathematics Education, Science Education, Technology Education and STEAM Education. The department also aims to conduct research activities in the field of STEAM Education. In addition to this, the Department organizes short terms teacher professional programs to educate on innovative pedagogical approaches. There are different programs under this department which develop critical and creative human resources that can transform the educational practices in different levels.

  • PhD in STEAM Education
  • M Phil in STEAM Education
  • One-Year MEd in STEAM Education
  • MEd in Mathematics Education
  • PGDE in Mathematics Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Higher Education

The department has developed new programs and contributing to developing human resources for education sector, which is also one of the aims of the School. Also, the department has made a remarkable achievement in research and publication through the faculty. Graduate students from this department are engaged in several areas; teachers, teacher educators and researchers. Their working culture and productivity in the workplace has become a remarkable reflection of the department.