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Department of Language Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Education in English Language Teaching (PGDE in ELT) was the first program in English language education was launched in 2000. Then, other programs followed: M Ed in ELT (One year) 2003, M ED in ELT (Two years) in 2004, M Phil in English Language Education in 2013, B Ed in Chinese language Teaching 2016, PhD in English Language Education in 2020. The Department of Language Education was formally set only in 2018.

The main aim of this Department is to produce human resource in the field of language education in order to contribute to language teaching, language teacher education, and research and language education policy. The Department also aims to network widely with similar departments and institutions to create synergy in order to bring about timely changes in the field of language learning and education.

The main objectives of Language Education Department are to run undergraduate and postgraduate programs in language education and language teacher education, run short term teacher training and workshops, organize conferences, seminars and workshops on current and pertinent issues related to language education, and undertake research studies and publish reports, book chapters and journal papers.

Programs running under this department are:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (ELT) (Now, not running)
  • One-Year M Ed in ELT
  • M ED in ELT
  • M Phil in English Language Education
  • B Ed in Chinese language Teaching
  • PhD in English Language Education

The classes are running online and face to face regularly as planned. It’s making impact in the community through its short-term training as well Internship led activities. This department run different projects related to language education which is funded externally. Over 10 projects have been completed by the Department. The projects have mainly impacted in the teacher learning particularly in academic writing and use of ICT in the classroom.

The Department has made a significant contribution to the expansion of the School ever since the first ELT related program started in 2020. M Ed in ELT paved way to the setting up of the other Masters programs. The Department has meaningfully contributed to the development of academic writing and research.

The graduates of the Department are engaged in teaching, teacher education, educational management, government and NGO / INGO sectors, curriculum and material development and international missions. The performance of most of them is reported to be significantly different in the sector.