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Continuous and Professional Educational Program (CPEP)

Continuous and Professional Education Program (CPEP) is a whole school improvement interdisciplinary, participatory program that addresses emerging needs and enhances the best practices of the school.
In addition to running regular academic programs from undergraduate to PhD levels, the KUSOED works with different community-based organizations and local authorities to help educators and educational leaders who can bring transformation at the tertiary, secondary, and primary levels of education. The School carries out external, community-focused programs and activities through its Continuing and Professional Education Center (CPEC). KUSOED has four departments – the Department of STEAM Education, the Department of Educational Leadership, the Department of Development Education, and the Department of English Language Education.

Under CPEC the Continuous and Professional Education program (CPEP) is a trans/inter/disciplinary participatory program which addresses emerging educational needs and enhances the best practices of the school and university.

Interested schools can contact KUSOED to facilitate teachers’ professional development.

Through cooperation and collaboration, the two institutions will formally and officially sign the “Letter of Agreement” (LOA).

 Our Service

  • Need analysis for the teacher professional development workshops and sessions
  • Research and plan (Action Research Framework)
  • Hire professional teacher educators
  • Plan and develop resource materials
  • Continuous follow-up and feedback on the practices of teachers and other leaders for the improvement
  • Do monitoring and evaluation for the effective implementation of the workshops and sessions in the practices
  • Work on research and development to plan for the next immediate session or sessions for the next year


Participants will have : 

  • participated in needs assessment and planning of continuous professional development
  • developed an action plan-practice-observe-reflect in groups continuously for a year and
  • explored strengths, needs, and ways to work for the next academic session.


KUSOED will certify the program equivalent to 3 cr. hrs.


  • Participatory
  • School-based


  • In-school
  • Online
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