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Call for Applications to the Doctor of Philosophy Programs (2023)

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Education Leadership 

Department of Educational Leadership wants to recruit Ph.D. candidates having good track records of research experience with publication portfolios or experienced practitioners in the field of educational leadership. The thematic concentration for the Ph.D. project should be aligned with one or more of the following areas: educational entrepreneurship, instructional leadership, policy and governance, digital leadership, ECD leadership, progressive education, school effectiveness, organizational development, and project and program designing in school.

Development Studies 

Ph.D. in Development Studies at Kathmandu University School of Education expects candidates to link education and development as a social process. We welcome candidates with rigorous and critical engagement on social and development theories and research methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods) on education and development in general, and specifically under the themes of education for employment, adult and youth education, education for sustainable development, ethics, and integrity in education and civic education.

English Language Education 

The Department of Language Education would welcome candidates having sound orientation(s) in interpretive, critical, and postmodern research paradigms. The applicants are expected to be from both humanities and education streams, willing to contribute to transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary scholarship embracing contemporary questions and contestations underlying/across the fields of Cultural Studies, Applied Linguistics, (English) Language Education, Teacher Professional Development, and Multilingualism. Critical discourse analysis, rhetorical discourses, ethnographies, case studies, action research, and narrative inquiry will be some of the methodological focuses of the Department.

STEAM Education

Guided by the overarching research question- whose interest is being well served by existing educational processes and systems?, an applicant for a Ph.D. in STEAM Education should demonstrate a strong interest (through concept notes and earlier publications) in research domains such as transformative learning, art integration into STEM areas, school transformation, by promoting epistemological pluralism through post-qualitative research spaces (such as but not limited to, autoethnography, participatory action research, ethnography, narrative). Of particular focus, the prospective scholar should have engaged in the field of inquiry via sociocultural perspectives arising from Eastern and Western intellectual and wisdom traditions and driven by the ethos of STEAM educational research as/for transformative professional development.

Note: The selection committee of the School of Education reserves the right to select (or otherwise) scholars for Ph.D. programs based on their scholarly merits. Applicants unable to demonstrate adequate knowledge and academic skills in the chosen area will not be selected. 

Procedure to apply: 

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